A new release in cooperation with Antenna Non Grata

We are pleased to inform you that we have started cooperation with a friendly label Antenna Non Grata. As part of the joint action, a double album of the Polish project CHORE IA, known, among others, will be published. from cooperation with Obuh Rec. Requiem Records and the aforementioned Antenna Non Grata label. “Postscriptum” – is the latest, premiere material of the project, which will be accompanied by the second CD “Neogolizmowa” which is a reissue of the debut cassette publication from the 90s, expanded with additional tracks from a similar period.

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Ambient releases out now

The latest CD releases are officially available from today: RAPOON ‘Time Frost’. THE STARGAZER’S ASSISTANT ‘Fire Worhipper’, VIDNA OBMAN ‘Crossing The Trail’ and UHUSHUHU ‘Zvirat’. We encourage you to check out our publishing proposals by visiting our websites: Alchembria.PL (Zoharum Webstore) and bandcamp.

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4 new titles available for pre-order

4 titles scheduled for release on November 30. are available for pre-order. As part of our pre-premiere campaign, each of them is available in our store at a special price, up to 30% lower.Among the announcements, four titles in the drone/ambient style, reissues of albums: RAPOON ‘Time Frost‘ (CD), VIDNA OBMANA ‘Crossing The Trail’ (CD) […]

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Premiere of two Power Electronics projects during the Wroclaw Industrial Festival

During this year’s edition of the Wrocław Industrial Festival, the premiere of two new releases by Power Electronics took place: HARMONY OF STRUGGLE “Brutal Esthetics” (the premiere was accompanied by the project’s concert on the festival Sunday) and LUGOLA “The Truth Penetrates Your Mouth”. Both albums can be purchased through Alchembria.PL ( Zoharum Webstore) and […]

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Two industrial / electro / EBM premieres.

From today, two new releases are officially available in Zoharum: SECT7 “Obsessiveness” (CD) – the debut album of an artist associated with the Łódź industrial community, and HIV+ AND FRIENDS “Spanish Electronic Body Music” (2CD) – a compilation of 29 songs collected from various published albums, which were created in cooperation with many artists, producers […]

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