As we enter 2024…

Another intense year has passed. Thank you for being with us, supporting us in our activities and sharing your observations, exchanging valuable comments. We try to listen to every voice and thanks to this we change and evolve to meet your needs. We hope that our publishing activities have managed to brighten up this turbulent time for you at least a little bit. We also wish you that this symbolic transition of the old and the entry of the new will bring changes for the better, that all antagonisms will be forgotten…
May 2024 be a time of peace, joy and many reasons for happiness for everyone. We wish you this with all our hearts, so that we can finally enjoy freedom in which everyone will be able to put aside worries about themselves and their loved ones and devote themselves to more pleasant things. Let us remember that music soothes customs, often blurs boundaries, unites, not divides; it can also become the beginning of something good, fascinating and exciting – no matter what notes it sounds from.

Taking this opportunity, we would like to thank all artists, collaborators and friends for your trust, help, work, art and many other reasons to celebrate, be proud and believe in the validity of our daily work. We hope that this year will be good for all of us.

Pozostałe aktualności

3 new releases out now

3 of the CDs we announced are now officially available: brand new albums from SUTCLIFFE NO MORE “Cute”, LARMO “Alarm” and jubilee release from CONJECTURE “V” (ext. edition). We encourage you to check out our latest proposals.

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The jubilee edition “V” of the CONJECTURE project is available for pre-order

Pre-sale of the jubilee publication CONJECTURE, planned to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Greek musician’s artistic activity, has started. The premiere is on May 14. You can place orders today via Alchembria.PL (Zoharum Webstore), taking advantage of our promotional campaigns. Exactly five years since the vinyl release of “V”, (Amek, 2019). The special edition […]

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Pre-sale of the latest album SUTCLIFFE NO MORE… has started

The latest album SUTCLIFFE NO MORE is available for pre-order from today. “Cute” includes 11 premiere songs characterized by a massive, sharp sound like a surgical scalpel and an equally strong message to which the British duo has become accustomed to its fans over the years of activity. We are dealing here with music that […]

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New albums from KRÓLÓWCZANA SMUGA and ZŁE OKO available on CD.

The new albums of the projects ZŁE OKO “Xenos” and KRÓLÓWCZANA SMUGA “Konwulsanki” are officially available from today. Publications on CD can be found in our offer, available at Alchembria.PL (Zoharum Webstore) and on our bandcamp profile, where you can also listen to both materials in full. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our […]

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