CHORE IA is a music project founded by Jacek Wanat, debuted in 1995 with material published by OBUH Rec. Soon after, the project was suspended for many years, and Jacek transferred his musical activity to the band Blimp, co-founded with Radek Dziubek, Tomek Maliński and Waldek Paziewski. In 2018, after almost 20 years of silence, CHORE IA returned with the album “Schizophrenia” (Requiem Records). It was followed by two more titles in Antenna Non Grata: “Sysyphus” and “Reanimacja”.
Jarek Wanat (1966) Philosopher, bassist, avant-garde rock enthusiast. He looks for harmony in dissonance. An artist experimenting with sound, form and word; “extracting silence from noise creates music”.