COLUMN ONE is a collective of multimedia artists from Berlin and the surrounding area with a frequently changing composition, operating since the beginning of the 90s of the previous century. Their performances and graphics are as important as the music. The main issue and the main motivation for Column One’s work is summing up communication. The importance of restoring communication to the sphere of consciousness with its inevitable results and its presence…. thus, it is about decoding information, using it, cutting and decoding what is presented to us as Reality and what we are constantly presenting to ourselves. In order for this decoding process to succeed, Column One uses existing forms of communication and its media and takes everything up front as raw material, basic element or even finished product.
Philosophical ideas presented by Radical Constructivism, cut-up presentations and Dadaist Fascists had a greater influence on the creation and work of Column One.

“Column One’s greatest achievement is that, over and over again with all of these techniques, they have managed to create a viable alternative, a filter of reality indeed. The mask is not pretty, hell can even be ugly at times. But the identity of Column One is created by the power of their conclusions, and that consists of questioning and doubting, and sometimes stepping into a pool of shit only to discover that it’s actually gold. Let the search continue… ”Till Kniola / aufabwegen