It is worth recalling that WHALESONG is an experimental collective from Tarnowskie Góry (Poland) and for years has been the main band of Michał Kiełbasa (Grave of love, LUGOLA, Harmony of Struggle, Nothing Has Changed). Although the group’s work defies all possible definitions and unambiguous pigeonholing, in their work one can find references to such genres as industrial, noise rock, no wave, drone, jazz and post rock. In their compositions, often lasting several minutes, they attack with heaviness, dynamics and hypnotic phrases, crushing with the powerful, sometimes even overwhelming sound of guitars, which is constantly accompanied by a tribal, mechanically hammered rhythm. For this purpose, the musicians use both classic “rock” and more unconventional instruments, with various types of percussion, such as: gong, dulcimer, tubular bells, mellotron, and even everyday objects, elements from scrap metal, some pieces of sheet metal or circular saws . So far, the group has had the opportunity to collaborate with, among others: with such artists as Thor Harris (Swans, Wrekmeister Harmonies), Wacław Kiełtyka (Decapitated , Machine Head) or Aleksander Papierz (Sigihl).