HIV+, whose real name is Pedro Peñas Robles, is a DJ, musician and multi-disciplinary artist from southern Spain. Also a party organizer, label owner and author of specialized books on the eighties period, he emigrated to the south of France during his childhood and began his musical career in 1987 as a resident DJ in two legendary clubs in which he plays sounds Batcave, Goth, New Wave, Cold Wave and EBM. In 2000, he began a career as an experimental musician inspired by the industrial pioneers Esplendor Geometrico, SPK, Throbbing Gristle or Sonar. Known internationally as a figure of the Franco-Spanish underground, his constant involvement in a dark scene which he has always defended rigorously over the past three decades, and his impressive discography under the moniker of HIV+, have been recognized as much by the criticism in Europe than on the other side of the Atlantic ocean. Expressing himself in his early days in a dark and percussive power-noise style, he then explored other facets of electronic music and co-wrote the famous track “Novö Diskö” in 2006 with the famous French DJ and producer The Hacker. With his projects Adan & Ilse, Fluxus or under his own pseudonym HIV+, Pedro has worked and collaborated vocally with many artists from the Techno scene (The Hacker, Millimetric, Adriano Canzian, Blind Delon, Dave Inox, Radikal Kuss, AkA ) as well as for various labels (Divine Comedy Records, Black Flames, M-Tronic, Khemia, Tripalium, Oràculo Records or Unknown Pleasures Records), he has officially remixed band as important as Sonar, Hocico or Morbid Angel, and he has been itself remixed by the best of European electronic music (Absolute Body Control, David Carretta, Millimetric, Radical G, Marc Hurtado, Blind Delon, Maman Küsters, Radikal Kuss, Alexey Volkov…). After playing live in Switzerland, Spain, Belgium, Chile, Mexico, Canada and the USA, HIV+ has been featured in industrial festivals such as Infest in Bradford/UK, Audiotrauma in France, Schlägstrom in Berlin or Slimelight in London. In 2022 and 2023, HIV+ took the stage with Maman Küsters at the Ombra festival in Barcelona as a vocal guest. His vocals and incisive lyrics in Spanish have become cults in the Hispanic and Latin American EBM scene for the past two decades. His track “Novö Diskö” has become a classic of the EBM scene played by the greatest DJs. Pedro also played Threads Radio, Rave Up, Abaddon, Reptilian Transmission and other radio broadcasts.